Au service des femmes entrepreneuses
en stratégie marketing, des médias sociaux
jusqu’à la conception de site internet.

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Découvrez les forfaits que je peux vous offrir afin de vous aider à grandir votre entreprise et atteindre les buts de votre entreprise.

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Comment le marketing numérique pourrait vous aider à faire grandir votre entreprise?

Il augmente la notoriété de la marque et la fidélité

Les médias sociaux vous donnent l’opportunité d’être constamment connecté à vos clients ou clients potentiels en temps réel. Plus vous vous intégrez dans les médias, le plus de résultats vous obtiendrez.

Pourquoi votre petite entreprise aurait-elle besoin d’un site internet

À moins d’être un entrepreneur ou entrepreneuse qui ne désire pas augmenter votre image de marque
– vous avez besoin d’un site internet. Maintenant plus que jamais, vos clients s’attendent à trouver de l’information pertinente vous concernant, et le tout en ligne.


The reason I love social media platforms is because you meet some pretty amazing people on there. That’s how I met Tina. Way before we started working together Tina and I develop an instagram friendship.
In getting to know her and seeing her social media presence I was very impressed. I loved her style and knew she would be the right fit.
Tina has truly been a pleasure to work with. I could tell from our first consult that she is VERY knowledgeable about marketing and all things social media. She had many thoughts and ideas to help grow my presence. I loved knowing that I can trust her to take over my brand on social media.
If you are looking for someone to help start or give you the push you need on social media platforms this is the girl for you. She will not disappoint.
Thank you Tina!

Priscilla MolinaPriscilla M Beauty

Tina’s services have had an amazing impact on my business. I have received lots of positive feedback on my new social media campaign, and new followers. She has created a beautiful and stylish campaign that suits my needs perfectly. She is attentive, caring, and really invested in me and my success, and she makes it so easy to create content that is informative and created interest. My social media would not be the same without you!
Thank you Tina for everything you have done and I am excited for our future collaborations!

Sabrina Del ConteMulti-Prêts, Mortgage Broker

We were introduced to Tina and her company, Paradox Marketing from a friend who recently had their new business webpage successfully completed by her.
Tina promised us an up to date, modern e-commerce webpage to be completed within a few weeks. The webpage was delivered as promised complete with a video presentation and social media including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
We are thrilled with the outcome of the webpage and have hired her services to take care of the social media on a monthly basis.
Tina Balais is an enthusiastic professional who is patient, a good listener and takes an interest in her clients. We now consider her as an integral part to the KGB team and have requested her services to redo KGB Decor's sister company Restotrends Inc's webpage.
We thank you Tina for a great job!

Angela & GeorgeKgb Decor

Working with Tina has not only added growth to my business, but also my life! Having one thing to do with the other things I'm doing rather than doing things I just have to do. Her expertise and joy for her work shows in the results!

Katana CollinsAuthor

I met Tina through a mutual group on Facebook. I am extremely busy with a large international team. It had become increasingly difficult for me to manage my personal Facebook, business Facebook, Team Facebook groups and Instagram. I needed help and in stepped Tina. During the time we have worked together, she has done exactly what she said she would do and more. I looked for a long time and interviewed many other applicants. I completely expect to see a huge return on my investment. I would highly recommend Tina to anyone looking Social Media help!

Debbie MasonRodan + Fields Independent Consultant

Tina m'a beaucoup aidée, en ce qui a trait à l'image de mon entreprise et à la gestion de mes réseaux sociaux. Avec son professionnalisme et toujours à l'écoute de mes besoins spécifiques, elle est parvenue à amener ma business à un niveau supérieur.
Tina, c'est un plaisir de travailler avec toi!

Wendy DamasMulti-Prêts

Je vous recommande fortement les services de Tina Balais pour gérer vos medias sociaux. J’adore son travail car elle est professionnelle , efficace et très inspirante. Elle me rend la vie tellement plus facile c’est formidable de l’avoir à mes côtés!!

Marie-ClaudeReference Home Staging

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