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Social media manager

How Social Media Help Your Business?

It Increases Brand Awareness And Loyalty

Social Media gives you the ability to directly connect with your clients and potential clients in real time. The more integrated you become the more results you will see that will benefit your business.


Tina has significantly improved my social media platforms and helped me grown my brand.
The visibility and interactions are now much higher. Tina is a pleasure to work with!

Eva MamonReal Estate Broker, M Real Estate

We worked with Tina over the last few months and her services have been consistent, punctual and creative. She brought engagement to our social media pages through stories and posts that prompted great feedback.

The Barry TeamRealtors

I'm really happy with what you are doing, from your professionalism to your consistency every day and your dedication even late on Sunday evenings 😉. I am really happy with your services. It alleviates a lot of time for me.
Thank you!

Jennifer VienneauSotheby's International Realty

Tina has been managing my social media for over 2yrs now. Her creative posts and knowledge in marketing the real estate world is top notch! She is quick and has captivated many interests from a variety of audiences with her clever and relevant yet fun and professional posts. My Instagram has never looked better! Tina’s posts highlight my career, which not only has increased the number of my followers, but the professional aspect of my Instagram posts, which are her magic creations, has also been a reminder, unbelievably to my family, friends, and current followers that I am a real estate agent and love what I do! I highly recommend investing in yourself because by doing so you invest in your future. Having Tina manage my social media has become an asset to growing my business. She is a pleasure to work with and I could not be happier with what she brings to the table. Thanks Tina!

Marina JerkovicRealtor & Pre-Construction Specialist

Tina’s services have had an amazing impact on my business. I have received lots of positive feedback on my new social media campaign, and new followers. She has created a beautiful and stylish campaign that suits my needs perfectly. She is attentive, caring, and really invested in me and my success, and she makes it so easy to create content that is informative and created interest. My social media would not be the same without you!
Thank you Tina for everything you have done and I am excited for our future collaborations!

Sabrina Del ConteMulti-Prêts, Mortgage Broker

Tina has helped me increase my business. They are always there for their clients and work very closely with them to have better results.

Susan CallupeBrigil Construction

Tina has done a phenomenal job at managing my campaign and organizing my social media accounts. Since I am extremely busy with my day to day life, I simply had no time to manage anything related to my social media. She is very meticulous and I am extremely happy with the quality and attention to detail she puts into her work.
Thank you for saving my social media Tina!

Rasha BaklyMulti-Prêts, Mortgage Broker

Tina m'a beaucoup aidée, en ce qui a trait à l'image de mon entreprise et à la gestion de mes réseaux sociaux. Avec son professionnalisme et toujours à l'écoute de mes besoins spécifiques, elle est parvenue à amener ma business à un niveau supérieur.
Tina, c'est un plaisir de travailler avec toi!

Wendy DamasMulti-Prêts

Je vous recommande fortement les services de Tina Balais pour gérer vos medias sociaux. J’adore son travail car elle est professionnelle , efficace et très inspirante. Elle me rend la vie tellement plus facile c’est formidable de l’avoir à mes côtés!!

Marie-ClaudeReference Home Staging